Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Vicious Candied Dreaming

Vicious Candied Dreaming new work and installation by recent MFA graduate of the Unversity of North Texas Bryce Lafferty.
Bryce Lafferty’s three-dimensional watercolors are a smattering of color and pattern. They sometimes resemble toys, fruit, birds and anatomy. Raising young children has influenced his outlook on art making – he attempts to elevate the childlike experiences of fun, naiveté, day dreaming and discovery to the level of fine art.

Bryce lives in Denton, TX with his wife and two young children. He teaches Watercolor and Drawing at Richland College in Dallas and at the University of North Texas. Having recently graduated in December of 2008, Vicious Candied Dreaming is Bryce’s first solo exhibition since receiving his Master of Fine Arts degree.

Opening Reception:

Saturday, August 22nd 7pm

Exhibition Dates:
August 22nd to September 26th

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