Sunday, August 24, 2008

VAL Art in Lewisville Theater Display

Bekah Jewel's art on display

Till September 7, 2008, the Greater Lewisville Community Theater (GLCT) will present the play I LOVE YOU, YOU'RE PERFECT, NOW CHANGE in Old Town Lewisville, TX. In cooperation with GLCT, different VAL artists paint scenes depicting the show that's currently running. The paintings are in a display window in front of the theater. Bekah Jewel, a local artist and VAL's representative with GLAC, has painted the three 36" x 48" acrylic panels showing the two acts of the play.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

VAL's Address

Visual Art League
Lewisville West Shopping Center
701 S. Stemmons Fwy
Suite # 115
Lewisville, Texas 75067

Weller and Washmon Art Show Invitation

Laurie Weller

Gary Washmon

at Visual Art League of Lewisville
August 23 to September 27, 2008

Opening Reception
August 23, 2008
7 pm to 9 pm

Gary Washmon Art Show, Vestiges, at VAL

From Vestiges By Gary Washmon 2008

Husband and wife artists Gary Washmon and Laurie Weller will exhibit their art at the Visual Art League of Lewisville (VAL) from Aug. 23 to Sept. 27, 2008. Laurie Weller's, Overlay and Gary Washmon's, Vestiges, will share the front and middle galleries of VAL.

"Overlay " by Laurie Weller at VAL Galleries

Red Spiral By Laurie Weller 2008

Laurie Weller's new works, Overlay, showing at the VAL galleries from 8/23 to 9/27, has its roots dating back many years. Overlay's most recent influence was Ms. Weller's residency at the Atlantic Center for the Arts in 2001. While prior paintings were vaquely influenced by music and dance, this new work was inspired both literally and figuratively by the dancers and musicians at the Atlantic Center for the Arts. Laurie thinks of the relationships between the paintings as similar to that of an ensemble in music, each painting makes a statement.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Laurie Weller talk

Laurie Weller provided a slide presentation on the history of her work. Laurie also provided a sneak preview of her upcoming exhibition at VAL which opens on Saturday, August 23rd. Laurie and her husband, Gary Washmon, will be showing their work together.